The smart GDPR compliance tool – that helps you get started – keep your documentation in place & show accountability!


Our smallest subscription, adapted for start-ups, smaller organisations and businesses. 

A SMALL-subscription consists of one Entity Account with one set of login information. 

Suited for organisations and businesses with one appointed person to work with GDPR Hero. You can save everything in one place and have one account for your GDPR-work.

48 EUR

per month

STANDARD – our most popular subscription! 

Suited for small and medium enterprises who wants to save all work in one place. 

Medium-subscription consist of one Entity Account, with the function to create an unlimited number of users. This enables you to engage the persons responsible for the work in GDPR Hero.

The administrator in the Entity Account can create users with two different access levels; either edit/delete or only read.

Here you have an account which gives you the possibility to have more people involved, who can take part and contribute to the valuable register and documentation you create in GDPR Hero!


120 EUR

per month


Designed for medium to large businesses and corporate groups with the desire to both macro and micro manage under the same documentation structure.  

The Master Account is at the top of the hierarchy (see the picture on the right) and lets you create Entity Account(s). 

An Entity Account can for example be assigned to one company in a company group or a part of the organisation in a particular area or department. There are no limits to the scalability!

The Master Account can see everything that is entered into the Entity Account(s), but it cannot edit or delete the information. Therefore, the Master Account can be suitable for a DPO to administer.  

The Entity Account(s) can create users with the access to enter/delete information or only read the information already entered. 

The users can see all the information entered into the Entity Account which it is connected to, including the information entered by other users in the same Entity Account. 


From 180 EUR per month – CONTACT US

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