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Watch our introduction videos where you get a closer view of the different parts of GDPR Hero and how the tool functions.


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There are a total of seven different introductory videos, each showing a specific section in the tool.

* Please note that we continuously update GDPR Hero and that some features and 
terms in the videos might be changed or further developed.



GDPR Hero helps you to comply with the new regulation

With the web-based tool, you minimize your consulting costs and avoid the costly mistakes that can occur when you are overwhelmed by incomplete and sometimes contradictory information.

With GDPR Hero you get an overview

… Over which personal data you process and the basis for deciding which data you want to keep. You will receive help in clear steps-by-step functions with checklists, information boxes and data protection news coverage. But above all, we gather all your processing in the same place. This way you process the personal data for the right purpose, under the responsibility of the right people within the organisation.

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